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Vicki Byrne-Thompson

Spiritual State

Saved during the Tribulation

Born 14 years before Rapture
First Appearance The Vanishings
Other Appearances Second Chance, Through the Flames, Facing the Future, Nicolae High, The Underground, Busted!, Death Strike,

Appearance This character is very nice[]

Vicki Byrne-Thompson is a beautiful,she is my hero [1] tall, [2] slender, [2] fiery red-headed [2] girl. [2]


The Vanishings

Vicki is introduced as a fourteen year-old girl that lives in a trailer park. It is noted that she needed to be tough, since the people at Prospect High looked down on those that live in trailer parks.

Then, the book goes on to tell about Vicki's past. At twelve, her parents and little sister, Jeanni, had become Christians at a community dance in which there were always too much fighting and drinking.

She waited for them to fail, but she was instead impresed by the sudden change in their lives, especially her father's. He had quit drinking, and tried to not smoke around his family.

Second Chance

Through the Flames

Facing the Future

Nicolae High

Vicki is first mentioned to be gone. She leaves a note to Judd, Lionel, and Ryan, telling them that she is heading to Michigan to find her brother's friend, Bub.

The Underground

Vicki awakes early in the morning, thinking about Shelly. She wants to speak with Shelly about God, but to her it seems as if something is always keeping her from talking about to Shelly. So, Vicki calls Shelly, but decides against it and prays that she would have a chance to tell Shelly the truth that day.

She is seen again when Judd reminds Lionel and Ryan to not be late, since they have a study with Bruce. When Judd boasts about his newspaper, she squints and feels awful that she cares that Judd thinks the idea is all his.

When Ryan asks if the principal and Coach Handlesman will stop them from distributing the newspaper, Vicki tells him that nothing about God was allowed in the school.

Then, Judd reveals the name of his newspaper is The Underground.


Death Strike

The Search

On the Run

Into the Storm


The Showdown

Vicki is seen with Ryan when he dies. This book is also when she meets Charlie. Charlie helps Vicki carry Ryan's body for burial.

Judgement Day

Battling the Commander

Fire from Heaven

Terror in the Stadium

Darkening Skies

Attack of Apollyon

A Dangerous Plan

Secrets of New Babyon

Escape from New Bablyon

Horsemen of Terror

Uplink from the Underground

Death at the Gala

The Beast Arises


The Mark of the Beast


Murder in the Holy Place

Escape to Masada

War of the Dragon

As noted in the pervious book, Vicki sees someone through the cameras of Colin Dial's safe house. When Vicki checks the cameras, she sees nothing, and wonders if her mind is playing tricks on her. She decides to go outside at check it out with Phoenix.

After Vicki and Phoenix venture outside, Phoenix runs away due to a snapping twig. People begin shouting, and Vicki chases after them, making sure that they don't wound Phoenix. When she finds the dog, he is tied to the branch of a pine tree. Vicki heads back to the safe house and finds what the person put over the two cameras - a glove and handkerchief.

Upon returning to the safe house, Vicki decides to wake the others, even though she knows they will be upset. As she passes the main computer, she finds a message that reads: Help me.

When Vicki wakes up the others, they are upset, just as she presumed. The group begins to discuss who the person could be and who they were affiliated with. Vicki presumes that since the person can't be GC, and since the Dials' have no neighbors, that the request must be legitimate.

Colin mentions that he has contacted a friend in western Wisconsin, where some could stay, since there were so many people in the safe house. He says that some could stay, and some could go, if they were interested.

Vicki sleeps for a few hours,and then eats breakfast alone, watching the surveillance cameras. Together, Colin and Vicki go outside, and Vicki shows Colin where she was the previous night. After retrieving the "Help me" note, Vicki begins to head back for the house, and Colin reveals that some of the people in the safe house would be leaving that day. She is astonished that they have to leave so soon.

She finds everyone upstairs and inquires the group about how the decision came to be. Becky tells Vicki that their friend, Marshall Jameson, had volunteered to pick up everyone that was leaving that afternoon.

Vicki asks everyone upstairs if they are going, and Melinda nods. She asks who isn't leaving, and Shelly says that she is staying at the Dials' safe house, as well as Conrad. Conrad mentions that Mark would probably stay too.

Vicki spends all morning with her friends, remembering the good times, and telling stories. She laughs, cries, and wonders why her friends have to go. Darrion, Charlie, and Josey Fogarty spoke of Vicki's influence on their lives. Around lunch time, Marshall Jameson arrives to pick those leaving up. The members of the group leaving got into the van, and Vicki put Phoenix in the van with Charlie.

She stays in her room, feeling sad and achy inside. Vicki wants to be there for her friends, to help them grow. Shelly comes into Vicki's room and tells her about an e-mail. Vicki stares at the new cameras, amazed by how much of the forest they could see now. Becky gives Vicki Charlie's notebook, and Vicki puts it in her room, then returns to read the e-mail. It was from Anita, Manny's sister, begging Vicki to call her that night. Vicki decides that she would call Anita while on montior duty.

Vicki takes over her four-hour shift. She reads some new e-mail on the kids' website, while watching the monitors. After two hours of nothing, Vicki dials Anita's number.

Attack on Petra

Bounty Hunters

The Rise of False Messiahs

Omnious Choices

Heat Wave

The Perils of Love

Vicki and Judd become married in this book.

The Road to War

Triumphant Return


Father: Tom Byrne

Mother: Dawn Byrne

Brother(s): Eddie Byrne

Sister(s): Jeanni Byrne

Husband: Judd Thompson Jr. [3]

Adopted Children: Anne and Unnamed Boy [4]


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