• Taylor Graham- Brother of Conrad. He was against the GC, and was killed with his girlfriend Hasina by the GC.
  • Cyrus Spivey- Mountain Militia leader. He had taught the Mountain Militia that only good works could get you into heaven. He was caught by the Global Community and was executed.
  • Z-Van- Lead singer for the popular group The Four Horseman. Judd saves him from death. He is one of Carpathia's false messiahs.
  • Hasina- Taylor Graham's girlfriend. Killed with Taylor by the GC.
  • Mr. Goldberg- Sam's father. Tried to use Sam to lure Judd and Lionel into the GC. Killed by the Horsemen of Terror.
  • Mrs. Laverne Jenness- Principle of Nicolae Carpathia High School. Believed strongly in what the Global Community stood for. Died in the Wrath of the Lamb Earthquake.
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