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Dr. Tim LaHaye is a noted author, minister, and nationally recognized speaker on Bible prophecy. LaHaye is the founder and president of Tim LaHaye Ministries and the co-founder of the Pre-Trib Research Center.

The Pre-Trib Research Center was established for the express purpose of exposing ministers to the teachings of good Bible prophecy with the pre-tribulation view. Currently they publish, The Pre Trib Perspectives, a monthly journal, keeping the reader on the cutting edge of unfolding prophetic events. It also keeps the reader from being deceived as we approach the end of the age. Exposing these false prophets and their harmful teaching is part of the work of the Pre-Trib Research Center.

Dr. LaHaye speaks at many of the major Bible prophecy conferences in the United States and Canada. His writing projects are a major part of LaHaye's ministry as he believes that if the Lord tarries, the written page will leave a longer lasting influence for generations to come.

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