Tim jerry

Picture of Tim LaHaye (left) and Jerry B. Jenkins (right) that appears on the back cover of most of the Left Behind books.

Jerry B. Jenkins Edit

Dr. Jerry B. Jenkins, former vice president for publishing and currently writer-at-large for the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago, is the author of more than 170 books, including the 65,000,000-selling Left Behind series. Jerry Jenkins has been awarded four honorary doctorates from Bethel College (Indiana), Trinity International University (Illinois), Colorado Christian University, and Huntington University (Indiana). (more)

Tim LaHaye Edit

Minister, author, speaker. Born on April 27, 1926, in Detroit, Michigan. Considered a leading speaker and writer on the biblical prophecy in religious circles, LaHaye helped to create an international phenomenon with the hugely successful Left Behind book series. Long before his name began appearing at the top of many best-sellers lists, LaHaye had attended the conservative Bob Jones University and served in the U.S. military. (more)

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