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Shelly Brown

Spiritual State

Saved during the Tribulation

Born ? years before Rapture
First Appearance The Vanishings
Other Appearances Second Chance, Through the Flames, Facing the Future, Nicolae High, The Underground, Busted!, Death Strike,


Shelly Brown has long, brown hair.


The Vanishings

Second Chance

Through the Flames

Facing the Future

Nicolae High

The Underground


Death Strike

The Search

On the Run

Into the Storm


The Showdown

Judgement Day

Battling the Commander

Fire from Heaven

Terror in the Stadium

Darkening Skies

Attack of Apollyon

A Dangerous Plan

Secrets of New Bablyon

Escape from New Bablyon

Horsemen of Terror

Uplink from the Underground

Death at the Gala

The Beast Arises


The Mark of the Beast


Murder in the Holy Place

Escape to Masada

The War of the Dragon

Attack on Petra

Bounty Hunters

The Rise of False Messiahs

Omnious Choices

Heat Wave

The Perils of Love

The Road to War

Triumphant Return


? Brown

? Brown


  • Around the books The Beast Arises-Murder in the Holy Place, it was mentioned that Shelly and Conrad seemed to be interested in each other, Shelly mentioning that they wrote letters to each other (though they were in the same house.) Later, around War of the Dragon, both Judd and Vicki mention that "they were best friends, and now enemies".