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In the first book, Ryan mentions that Judd is a "big, dark haired kid".

Judd Thompson Jr.

Spiritual State

Saved during the Tribulation

Born 16 years before Rapture
First Appearance The Vanishings
Other Appearances Second Chance,


The Vanishings

A morning prior to the disappearances, Judd was planning to run away, impersonating his father to get on the plane. (It can be noted he sat near Buck Williams.) After a nap on the plane, Judd wakes up to see that the person sitting nearest to him was gone, only a pile of clothes left. As soon as the plane lands, Judd tries to get home, to find his family had also disappeared.

Second Chance

Through the Flames

Facing the Future

Nicolae High

The Underground

Judd is first seen reminding Lionel and Ryan to be waiting at the flagpole for pickup, so that they will not be late for study with Bruce. He goes on to boast about his newspaper, as if it were his idea. When Lionel and Ryan ask if they can help, Judd tells them he needs cooperation to get the first 500 copies out.

After Judd mentions the name of the newspaper to be The Underground, he views Vicki's question to be a challenge, so he asks her if she has a better name for the newspaper.


Father: Judd Thompson Sr. [1]

Mother: ? Thompson

Brother: Marc Thompson [2]

Sister: Marcie Thompson [2]

Wife: Vicki Byrne [3]

Adopted Children: Anne and Unnamed Boy [4]


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