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Did you know........ (1) That Judd and Vicki get married in book 38, Perils Of Love? (2) Ryan dies in Book 13? (3) Bruce dies? (4) Lionel's Uncle Andre became a believer at the last second? (5) Vicki's 15th birthday was a couple days after the Rapture? (6) Vicki and Judd got married when Vicki was only 18 and Judd was 19? (7) Judd goes out with a girl named Nada Ameer? (8) Lionel looses an arm? (9) Nicolae Carpathia gets stabbed in the head and dies? (10) Nicolae comes back to life and tells everybody he is JESUS? (11) Nicolae gets thrown in a lake of fire at the end of the series? (12) Tsion Ben-Judah dies ONE day before the re-appearing? (13) Chaya dies of internal bleeding in book 13? (14) Nada dies? (15) The school house gets destroyed in book 25, Death at The Gala? (16) That Shelly and Conrad KISS in book 40? (17) Mark dies by getting his head chopped off? (18) At the end of book 40 Judd and Vicki take in 2 boys and a girl named Anne? (19) Ryan, Bruce and EVERYBODY (includung NADA) comes back in book 40? (20) Charlie becomes a believer? (21) Melinda becomes a believer? (22) Conrad plays a game with the locusts in book 20? (23) "Apollyon" and "Abbadon" mean "destroyer." (24) At FIRST they were going to have 48 books? (35) Judd and Lionel go back to the U.S in book 34? (36) They are planning to have a L.B Kids Movie. (37) That Phoenix stays safe for the ENTIRE SERIES? (38) In book 25 Charlie ADMITTED there was a little something wrong with him? (39) Janie became a believer in book 24, while Marjorie FAKED IT? (40) That even though Vicki dyed her hair black, they still describe her with red hair?

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