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Bruce Barnes is a pastor of New Hope Village Church in Chicago. Like many others, he was left behind at the Rapture. He claimed to be a believer, but never really received Christ as his Lord and Savior. His wife, who became a true believer, was raptured along with his children. After the vanishing of Vernon Billings, Bruce Barnes took over as the pastor, distributing copies of the video the previous pastor had made for those who were left behind, and forming the Tribulation Force along with Rayford Steele, his daughter Chloe, and news reporter Buck Williams. He was also the mentor for four young teenagers that formed the Young Tribulation Force. He officiated the dual weddings of both Rayford Steele and his second wife Amanda and also Buck and Chloe. He was poisoned during his worldwide evangelizing trip to set up underground churches and died in Chicago during World War III. After the resurrection of the Tribulation martyrs, Bruce worked to spread the gospel message to the nations in the Millennial Kingdom period.

In Other MediaEdit[]

  • In Left Behind: The Movie and Left Behind II: Tribulation Force, Bruce Barnes was played by Clarence Gilyard. In Left Behind: World At War, he was played by Arnold Pinnock.
  • In the Dramatic Audio presentations, Bruce Barnes was voiced by Jon Gauger

Bruce Barnes

Gender Male
Nationality Caucasian American (novels), African American (movies)
Born ? years before Rapture
Died 18 months from the start of Tribulation, was resurrected after Jesus' return
Occupation Pastor of New Hope Village Church
Relatives Wife (raptured), child (raptured)
Religion Christian
Spiritual State Saved shortly after Rapture
First Appearance Left Behind